About this website

This website trains you how to monitor welfare in laboratory animals, identify endpoints and define responsibilities. You learn how to apply humane endpoints, which improves the scientific quality of your research. Read more here.

The website is free of charge, but you can contribute to its future by making a voluntary donation

The Humane Endpoints website is part of the 3Rs Database Programme, together with www.interspeciesinfo.com. and fcs-free.org. These websites will help you with the reduction and replacement of animal experiments, respectively.

The Chinese translation of the Humane Endpoints website was possible with a generous gift of the National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC), NARLabs in Taiwan, and the translation provided by its Director General, Dr Genie Chin.









E-learning and training modules

Try the interactive E-learning module on humane endpoints, or one of our other training modules. Training modules are only available after registration. You can test your knowledge by choosing a case or a theme approach and selecting the preferred module. After the test, you get a score and can review results if desirable. Go directly to the training modules.