Aim website

This website is the tool to make animal experimentation more humane while improving the quality of science.

This website: 

  • gives you guidance on how to apply humane endpoints
  • includes a wealth of information on humane endpoints and related aspects, such as: 
    • normal behaviour of rats and mice 
    • clinical signs and pathology
    • pain & distress
  • has an extensive database of videos and photographs of clinical indications as well as relevant laws & regulations and of literature
  • trains you how to monitor welfare, identify endpoints and define responsibilities
  • and has an interactive educational component for training purposes

In general, the website is designed to help you to refine your experiments, improve your knowledge of the welfare of the animals and to improve the scientific quality of your research.


This site is meant for people to improve their awareness and knowledge of humane endpoints.

It can be used as a portal/platform for those professionals who work with laboratory animals. It is suitable for education and training purposes, providing information on general and specifics topics;

The site aims for now especially at mice and rats as these are the most frequently used laboratory animals. However, the basic information is relevant for most animal models. In March 2017, additional information on zebrafish is included.

Note that one should be aware at all times if, and to what extent, the implementation of a humane endpoint may influence the results of the experiment, thereby interfering with the objectives of the study. However, it must be realised that also pain and distress may have an effect on the study outcome.

Applying humane endpoints is a complex process, which requires careful evaluation of clinical signs and other findings in the context of the experiment. Recommendations given may not be relevant in a particular situation where a different course of action might be needed.

This website is an initiative of the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences and is originally based on the CD-ROM Humane Endpoints in Laboratory Animal Experimentation”. This CD-ROM was created in collaboration with the Netherlands Society for Laboratory Animal Science (NVP), the Foundation on Laboratory Animal Information (SPI) and Laboratory Animals Limited (LAL) , and was commissioned by the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW).

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