Open and secured section

The website on humane endpoints has an ‘open’ and a ‘closed’ section.
The open section is accessible to everyone and contains general information on normal behaviour of mice and rats, by providing an overview of relevant laws and legislations, consisting of a database with relevant documents and publications and has a glossary of terms.

The closed section contains in-depth information about:

  • behaviour
  • clinical signs, both general and specific
  • assessment of pain and distress
  • pathology 

And includes:

  • interactive training material
  • photo- and video of most clinical signs 

This section is only accessible with a username and password. Access to this section can be requested by e-mail.

A password can be given to those who are: 

  • affiliated to an institute performing biomedical research;
  • involved in biomedical research, testing and education (see 'use for educational purposes'  below);
  • trained as an investigator, animal technician or another position which is closely linked to animal research, testing and education;
  • involved in relevant policy making activities, such as governmental organisations, regulatory bodies, etc.;
  • up to the decision of the project secretariat.

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Use for educational purposes

If you want to use this website for educational purposes and you need multiple login accounts, you can request students to register themselves by filling in the registration form here.

Students are allowed to keep using the humane endpoints website after course attendance, but can also delete their account.